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X-Factor v4.2 (Released Date: 14-March-2005)


Main Features

Full PassList Utility
Verifies all pass's in a given list
Extract's combos while removing any duplicates
Extract's members & base url's
Convert's list's into any given format
Clean's ccbill.log files (CCBill Parse)
iBill *.pl Management
Exploit Scanner
Brute Forcing
Release History

1. Fake Detection is now working as it should be.
2. Requests should be a bit faster now due to some tweaks to the engine.

1. NO MORE 100% CPU USAGE!!!
2. Filter List code rewritten ... it is now MUCH faster..

1. MAJOR release. The threading model for XFactor was completely redone.
    I trashed the old code, and rewrote it from scratch using newer technology.
    I believe that you will find the performance to be much better.
2. Removed several bugs leading to memory leaks.
3. Improved error handling ... (no more errors on load, etc) ...
4. Improved proxy handling.
5. Fake engine rewrite.
6. Key word/phrase engine rewrite.

1. Select a site and hit F6 and XFactor will copy http://user:pass@ to your clipboard.
2. Site filtering. Just define sites you like, and sites you don't on the new tab and right click the sitelist then choose Filter. Simple as that.
3. Several enhancements to the threading engine. Memory usage should be smaller now, and execution of threads should be faster as well.
4. Fixed a bug with the counter logic so now your good hits will be counted as well.

1. You can now turn fake detection on and off (Check "Options" tab).
2. You can select the number of times to retry fake sites (Check "Options" tab).
3. Added ability to right click the keywords tab to get an add/remove menu.
4. Re-enabled the send-to-browser code. Accidentally turned that off in v2.6
5. "Response From" Tab indicates the url where the site's response is orginating from.

1. Fakes Engine!

1. Fixed severe errors in retry timeouts and verify selected code.
2. Added Scan IP Range Capabilities.

1. Added Brute Force Capabilities.
2. X-Factor program interface has been changed to a new sight.

1. Added Verify Selected (multi select). Use SHIFT or CTRL key to select!
2. Added Delete Selected (multi select). Use SHIFT or CTRL key to select!

1. Fixed a bug in scan abort functionality.
2. Added a threads counter to the status bar.
3. Added results counters for:
200, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, Errors, Timeouts

1. Fixed a bug that prevented proxy list from
updating during a scan.
2. You can now retry timed out sites.

1. XFactor will now run EXPLOIT LISTS.
2. Converted Proxy List to the same technique for the site list.
Proxy List will now load as fast as site list does.
3. Fixed a few small bugs in check engine.
4. Loading / Checking of sites now faster than ever.

v1.0 beta 1.6
1. Added Verify List Button.
2. Added Speed Key (ALT+L) to Load List Button.
3. Fixed Keyword Detection Bug
Keyword matching now works. If a keyword from your list is found,
the Verified column will now let you know by saying this:
"Keyword <your keyword (or phrase) here> Found.
4. Added Speed Key (ALT+N) to Bot Number editbox.
5. Fixed open list dialog to have default extension.
6. Fixed save list dialog to have default extension.
7. Fixed open proxy list dialog to have default extension.
8. Window Size and Position now saved to the registry.
9. Column widths on the sitelist now saved to the registry.
10. When minimized XFactor will now go to the system tray.
11. When running the system tray icon will blink white and green.
12. When finished running the system tray icon will blink white and red.
13. Proxy List no longer saved to proxy.dat. Instead the path and file
you loaded your proxies from stored to registry.
14. Added "Proxy Used" column to the Site List.
15. Now during a scan if a proxy goes bad, it will be marked as BAD and skipped.
16. Fixed "Abort" functionality. When you abort you will no longer get unclosed threads.
17. Added a Timeout option.

v1.0 beta 1.5
1. Added a new Key Word detection engine.

v1.0 beta 1.4
1. Small bug fixes in parser code.
2. All New checking engine ... On the average about 30% faster.
3. Optimized site load code a bit, will now load 100k sites in approx 3 ms.

v1.0 beta 1.3
1. Removed several memory leaks, improving performance dramatically.
2. Added a ccbill parser to the program. Will parse and clean entire log files (ccbill.log) in milliseconds.

v1.0 beta 1.2
1. The sitelist will now clean itself up of everything but 200 responses after a scan.
2. Added a "Pause" button, so you can pause a scan in progress.
3. Added the first revision of clickable column headings
in the main site verification view for the purpose of sorting.

v1.0 beta 1.1
1. Fixed a bug which an empty msg
box would sometimes popup during site verification.
Should also fix the subsequent List index out of bounds problem.

v1.0 beta 1
1. Initial Release

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All rights Reserved.