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How To Use

Crossposting is NOT allowed and will cause a perm ban!

Anyone caught using socks/proxy to get dcc will be repeatedly denied!

Just the same as you help Solom0n then he can help you as well.


To Post Your Sites In Correct Form:

/msg Solom0n post L:login P:password

There will Be a Pm ( Private message ) sent back to you, telling you that your request is being processed, and within a minute or so,then,

You will be awarded in the Channel what level the site is worth.

/msg Solom0n login yourpassword to login to the Solom0n (to become a verified user).

/msg Solom0n level to see whats your access level on the Bot...

/msg Solom0n get yourpassword to get the latest List by means of your access level...

/msg Solom0n ident youridentnumber yourpassword to change your old hostmask to a new one.

Once you become Platinum ( Elite ) then u will have access to the Best Lists.


How To Access

Bronze List 30 Bronze and 20 Silver and 5 Gold

Silver List 50 Bronze and 35 Silver and 10 Gold

Gold List 80 Bronze and 60 Silver and 50 Gold and 40 Platinum

Platinum List 100 Bronze and 80 Silver and 70 Gold and 70 Platinum

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