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I had a lot of runs. But I never succeeded. Because I got a dialup connection and none of my wordlists ever worked to me :( But I'm curious to what your inspiration is.
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Some ideas
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Default Some ideas

Proxy leeching works pretty well in Charon. I can usually find enough that after filtering, and double checking leave +-300 non socks anon to use with C-force.

The trick is to have a good proxy leech list to work from. Hunt around http://deny.de and securibox for leech lists. Also try googling for proxies, than add the found pages to your url list.

As far as 1 hit to 70k combos; That's good or bad. If you are uising a random list, it's good. For a targeted list, not so good.

First, go to the join page for the sites tofind out the AVS they are using. Different AVS systems have different rules for size and format of user and pass. If you're trying a ccbill site, anything less than 6 characters is a waste of time. Likewise if the site uses e-mail addresses and there are none in your lists.

I'm pretty sure that on this site and the ones above you can find lists of the AVS rules.

Next, try to match the combos to the site content. for example tittie:grabber for a busty women site. There's a utility out there called staph that can help with this. Also go thru the various ppassword forums and save the lists. The passes themselves may be expired, but you can use them as a base and it's very common for a user to subscribe to a different but similar site with the same combo.

I've found that cracking is an evolutionary process. You try, you keep what you learn and try again, and your success rate climbs. And, oh yes, you can't study enough.

Welcome to the world of cracking!

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thanks lets have a look
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Thanks for sharing and good luck with cracking.
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