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Finding spoofs

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Finding spoofs
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Default Finding spoofs


I was wondering if there is any apps that searchs for spoofs on a specific site, or do i have to try all the combinations manually?

Trying to enter this site, which also has a .htaccess login at
http://mrnc.graphicsnxs.com/members .

Would it be easier to get in via htaccess rather than finding a spoof?
Maybe i just have to get AD again and some good lists.

Thanks :)
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It's easier to find a spoof once you already have a pass to the site. A couple tricks for use with Firefox:

1) Download an extension called 'Live HTTP Headers', which will open a window that shows you any HTTP headers going across. When you hit an external link (video feed, whatever), see what it's using as a referrer, and you'll typically have what you need.

2) You can set the security in Firefox to warn you when you hit a section of a site that isn't password protected. That's a good tipoff that it's either an open backdoor or a referral-protected (aka spoofable) area.
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