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Trying to crack into..

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Trying to crack into..
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Default Trying to crack into..

I'm trying to crack into a certain messageboards. One that uses vBulletin Version 3.0.1. My guess is to use AccessDiver for HTML cracking. For the wordlist, should I just manually make a text file in which there's a member per line (this would take forever), and then have a separate huge password file? Is this the best way to go about cracking into a messageboards? Thanks.
P.S. I'm aware this site is mostly about cracking into porn sites, not messageboards, but I've cracked into many HTTP pop-up type porn sites and am now interested in cracking into a certain forums. Thanks a lot for the help.
EDIT: I know for a http-type members login you would need at least 500 proxies, but since security is much much less with a HTML login what would be a good # of working proxies? The reason I'm asking this is because recently my proxyrama's search function has stopped working, so it's really hard for me to leech proxies now.

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oh buddy just understand - you're talking here about such bulshit
as bruteforcing vB3.0.1 which as far as i know will lock itself after
5th try?! boards use to be exploited, not bruteforced. and moreover
consider that guys here may not love you for being a type who cracks
messageboards... (but based on your question i think you're harmless)

vB3.0.x is one of the best and most safe boards but this not mean
it's not crackable. soon or later...

anyway i consider your question as a little bit impolite...

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Cracking forums is not something we discuss. Case closed.
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