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another good trick for getting combo's is to type something like this into google "*.*@members.oxpass.com" or any other members url, the newer the site the better the results.
Look through the results for the most up to date pages and leech them using raptor

This way you have a bit of control over the combos you leech

i personaly dont like staph or athena as you end up with to much crap
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i've used athena before and it works like a charm i highly recommend it
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Originally Posted by Silenced
sPlico, daemon.azazel, and FluffyBunny, thanks for you interesting posts.

I've just got into cracking, not going to lie about it, but I am trying-
and I've found that Athena really doesn't yield a ton of working passwords, it's definately good for getting some wordlists, but I've tried several sites (bangbros, videosz etc) and they don't work, (any of the several worldlists I created). Whatever, I'm going to keep exploring.

Yes but they often work on sister sites or others in the same genre. Good for building wordlists by subject, as most people use the same L:P for all sites they pay for. Porn addicts have bad memory functions?
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