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Filtering with Raptor

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Filtering with Raptor
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Question Filtering with Raptor

Hi all......

Ok here goes...

theres a website that that im trying to gain access to by form@ method....

but the sites criteria is

username = 6 - 18 charactors.... right i can manage that :)

Password = 6 - 18 but has to contain at least one digit

now when i loadup my wordlist in raptor 3 i do the usual like making macros for removing unwanted Mail passes , http etc.

now want i want to do is remove all the login : Pass lines that dont have a numeric in the password......

can this be done with the mighty Raptor or is there any other app that can sort this for me....

Slysnake your pretty good with raptor can this be done?

thanks in advance
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now want i want to do is remove all the login : Pass lines that dont have a numeric in the password...
Sure it can be done easily. Just make a custom macro in the filters. Infact that very thing is hardwired in the pull down menus

Keep if pass has any ...... then pull down the "what" menu and chose "digits"

Remember to save to a new file so you don't overwrite your original wordfile
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thanks slysnake once again :) you seem to always be the first to help me....thanks buddy i really appreacate your help that you always give me...

Sry i should have looked a bit harder but it slipped my eye, ah well i blame the wine

Thx slysnake

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