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Staph Questions

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Staph Questions and proxy judges
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Default Staph Questions and proxy judges

hi there guys im just after getting this app and was wondering when i look for say amature and then start the leeching i get no results back , but when i use the theme "Everything" i get back all sorts of stuff.

If i use any other theme i get notthing back!!

is there any types of extra inputs (keywords or something) ?

I have read the tut in the program but with no luck.


with Charon i have loaded and tested all the proxy judges that i ve located and they all seem to come back ok. The ones that came back bad i deleted so i then retested the proxy Judges again until none came back bad.

i also kept the ones with good pings too.
when i then go to look for proxies it start analysing the judges it says there bad even though i tested them, so then it give me back a option to cancel or continue so if i continue i get back like 3 proxies from about 8000+

what in hell am i doing worng here?????

.........today isnt my day!!!!.........

thanks in advance

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Try this judge in charon and tell me how it works. http://www.ed.ac.uk/cgi-bin/env.cgi

as for staph.

Make sure you have version 1.21

Be sure to read the html help file that is located in the staph folder
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ive deleted all proxy judges inside charon and i now just have your one included.

ive tested it inside the program and it comes back with a nice ping , and version = other.

so i then went to find proxies and it still comes back with the popup about bad proxies judges???

as for staph il read the help file again :)

with all these probs that i encountering.....i bet its something simple im bloody missin

ah i think i need a break im studying this way to long for today :(

Ok i have found out what i was doing wrong with staph and now all is working with that program, thanks slysnake

now to sort out this proxy thing........

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