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Just joined to report a bug

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Just joined to report a bug
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Default Just joined to report a bug

First of all nice app... very handy for rippin my wordlists out.
Second of all....
There's a bug if you click on a link in your list... then select all the way to the bottom with pagedown + shift. If you go to delete the selected ones it comes up with
"Error Index Out Of Bounds"

That's all. No big problem just thought I'd mention it as you may not be aware.
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Old 04-10-2005, 02:04 PM   #2
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I joined today as well, to deliver a tiny bug report.

1. I load the program, i load my proxies, i hit the "use proxies" mark, i load my site list to verify, i highlight a few and select "verify selected" and then i get the following error (" is not valid integer value). I get the same if i hit "verify List". But then after i hit the "ok" button, the program is stuck in verifying a few sites. Hitting abort doesnt help neither. If i then try to close the program, it says "Please allow 5 threads to complete", but if i look in the total completed bar, then it shows 1/1 100% complete.

Well, at least its more reliable than xfactor 3.0 =). Its could be a very nice program, if you just eliminated all these small bugs.

Best Regards, me.
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