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Help... problem with accessdiver

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Help... problem with accessdiver
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Default Help... problem with accessdiver

I am getting a few days ago an error when i use accessdiver... I get a lot of errors "#3 BOT TASK OFF" and I have to stop processing, and restart again...
Anyone knows how to fix this problem?
thanks in advance
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I've never encountered that one before. The last several versions of AD have all been buggy. I got tired of all the freezes and other problems I was having with it and switched to Sentry, and am glad that I did. It is a better program and a more stable one. And I hear that Sentry 2.0 is nearing release. I'm really looking forward to that, envy the guys who have been lucky enough to beta test it. Perhaps it will erase AD from crackers' minds once and for all.
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Sentry 2 is gona be a monster. I hear. :)
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the first, thanks for responses...
I have tried sentry, but I cant use it well... I dont know how... I have a sentry tutorial but I cant...
With AD I can use with a few good results... but Im going to look for another sentry tutorial for try it again...
Thank you men and excuse me for "my english" (im spanish)
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