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splendidly_null & MikHO

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splendidly_null & MikHO
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Default splendidly_null & MikHO

For starters, every time you request something from the internet (via http that is), certain information is sent to the server about your connection that tells it what it can send you and how to format it, these specific bits of information come in the form of HTTP Headers. Some http headers are such things as "Accept Language" which tells the site which languages your browser accepts, and "User agent" that tells the site which browser you are using. For list of http headers, check out this site:


Anyway, another one of these headers is the "referrer" header, it contains information about which site you visited last. For example if you are currently on the site google.com and then type yahoo.com into your browser, your browser will send the referrer: google.com in the referrer field to yahoo.com.

Other sites check the refferrer header as another method (other than having you enter your username and password again) to authenticate users.

A hypothetical example, you enter the members area of http://www.site.com/members and it asks you for your username and password, you enter them correctly and then you want to go to another page in the members area say... http://site.com/members/pics. You click the link and your browser sends the http header field that says "http://www.site.com/members" when you request http://site.com/members/pics. Instead of having you re-enter the username and password to access another page in the members area, it checks the REFERRER Field instead to make sure it is "http://www.site.com/members". If the referrer field contains that as the value, then it grants you access, if it contains anything else then it will deny you access. The thought behind this is that only real members will have "http://www.site.com/members" as their referrer.

Just imagine what you could pull off if you knew what the referrer value that was checked for certain sites, you could get access to certain MEMBER'S areas without even entering a password, just by having the correct referrer field.

That is what spoofing programs allow you to do, they allow you to enter ANY value as the http referrer field, no matter where you REALLY came from. Using our example again, if you knew that in order to access "http://site.com/members/pics" you had to use the referrer "http://www.site.com/members", then you could just enter that into a spoofing program and surf to the site, and you would have access. It isn't all that hard to modify some http headers, because they come from YOU (the user) and they are sent to the site. As a mater of fact, quite a few http headers aren't even necessary (referrer being one of them).

The hard part is finding what each area requires as the referrer in order to gain access.

Your IP address can also be viewed as a header too, it tells the site where to send the data from the site to, but this one is vital if you want to get information back to you, it has to have a route to get to you. What proxy servers do is use their IP instead of yours as the header for the site and then route the information through their ip to yours.
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Mikho wrote this
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Default Mikho wrote this

This reply was posted in this thread by MikHo originally

another tutorial ...
made by my and posted originally on other sites

copy pasted beneath the line

Ok ... So I decided to write a small tutorial about Spoofing ...
First of all I need to say that english is NOT a language that I generally type in so excuse the typos.

What is spoofing ?

Spoofing is sort of lying, On the internet its mostly lying about where you came from.
On IRC you can spoof your IP.
Using a Proxy is sort of a Spoof if its anonymous.

Basicly what I will cover here is how to get access to the members area on different sites (mostly adult sites).

First, most of the Adult sites you see on the web have a page with links like Join, Tour, Members, Webmasters,
and things like that. All of those resources should be used and links followed, they will give you a feel for the site.

Things to look for are:
Does the site belong to a big group? (avs, proadult, etc..)
Does it have other sites that you also get with it? (a big plus for spoofing)
Does it include off-site premium content? (premium content is easy to access like webmastercentral and such)
Does it sell its own content?

Notice that I don't ask what content is actually on the site, sometimes the websites own content is difficult to spoof.
Why? Because many sites are password crazy, they ask for a password for every jpg, page and movie.
That content isn't spoofable.
Know your site, if you know or think that it checks for passwords all the time,
skip its main content and realize that all you may get from it is its off-site content.

Why do I keep mentioning off-site content? Because usually off-site content is shared by many sites.
So this constant password checking isn't practical.
Since the premium off-site provider has many sites accessing it, it does a check to see where you have come from
and checks its list to see if where you came from is a site with permission to view its content.

This is the easiest and most spoofed content.
Note: some providers just check the site you came from, others are more difficult because they check the exact page you came from.

For some reason many sites has a weakness for hXXp://www.Google.com, therefor we use google as our first example.

fire up Internet Explorer ( I dont know if this works on Netscape but I guess it does ).
browse to Google and type one of the following addresses in the search box:
(dont forget to change the XX in hXXp before doing your copy / paste action)


Now click search.
most likely google will return with an error message like
Sorry, no information is available for the URL < THE SITE URL YOU ENTERED >
If the URL is valid, try visiting that web page by clicking on the following link: < Now heres a link to the site you entered in the search box >

Click that link and you will end up at a page that contains the password you will use for the site.
Just click the CLICK HERE link and enter the password.
See that was rather easy and painless, you have done your first spoof ... congrads ..

Basicly what has happened is that google have told the site that you have come there from another site thats accepted.
actually the same page as you now see in your browser.
Open Sesame .. the site is now wide open for your pleasure smile.gif

Not all sites accept there own site in the list of accepted "partners" so then its a little more tricky, we can not use google
to send another site as the referrer ( thats the technical term )
So how do we solve this situation ?
We can always signup for a password site with alot of content .. didn't think so ..
Now we need some sort of software to add the referrer part to Internet Explorer.
You might have heard of some of them:
HyperSpoof ( my favourite, since it has some tools built in )

Download HyperSpoof from hXXp://www.geocities.com/arcardia2000/
Learn the program ... ( theres another tutorial for that )

Quick walkthru on how to use it.

From the bottom and going up:
first EditBox is where you enter the referer url ( aka the site you "came" from )
Second EditBox is where you want to go to.
Click on the Internet Explorer icon and IE will open with the site of your choice.

Now thats how .. Enjoy your "one-hand browsing" smile.gif

If you want more info or open up a discussion, contact MikHo at www.FileJunkies.net
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thank you for your hard work m8
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