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Wordlist Maker (Please Read)

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Wordlist Maker (Please Read)
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Question Wordlist Maker (Please Read)

Hi all ~

Let me ask you something about making a combo list.

I would test a website using Sentry 2.0 and the website members might have

some regular "username:password" style like this :


(1. Username was organized with UPPER CASE , lower case and number
Password was organized with lower case and number)

(2. Username Length = 10 / Password Length = 8)

How can I make this type of much combo list without typing the words ?

Any wordlist tool possible to make up complicated words like this ?

How about "Raptor III" ?


As you guys and gals know, there're some well-known wordlist tools out there.

* Golden Eye(brute force tool)'s Wordlist Feature
(Wordlist support for all common wordlist formats)

* Golden Eye II

* ALS_Novice (It filters and corrects the content of a wordlist)

* Raptor 3

* And so on ...
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my fav. can be found here:
[kwgen]..be aware that it does have a bug tho..when randomly generated words that contain digits..it does NOT generate any "9"s..using ANY tool to make a combo list to bruteforce is a complete waste of time..the only use of such a tool would be to make a "single" list to decrypt a password-file..hope this helps..and good luck;]
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still useful-thanks
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