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problem with proxies

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thank you buddy, but this is a .php custom script and i'm not sure if it is compatible
with for example AD. would prefer standart .cgi judge


i think this kind of forum private proxyjudge could be shared among our crackers and
maybe exploiters. question still remains if this will not harm the bandwidth and if someone
will not bring it out of the forum.
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update from yesterdays results..
had a total of 152 good remaining..highest total i've had in quite a while
..using all the same settings from yesterdays test..my GOOD,usable proxies now total 63..quite a drop IMHO..think we're missing my point..searching for anon. useable proxies is very widespread..considering all the info and proggies out there..the solution is NOT having our OWN script for checking..since most of the good proxies will still be "killed" by other proggies or scripts..i'm afraid we and other forums have created this problem by giving out too much info and tuts on this subject..i'm sure there are many webmasters in our presence..they monitor us and other boards..just as we monitor them..don't really have a viable solution..but this should be one of our top priorities..let's keep on top of this and we eventually will solve it..thnx 4 any output;]
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