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Proxytools, An Open-Source Perl Proxy Suite - Splendidly_null

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Proxytools, An Open-Source Perl Proxy Suite - Splendidly_null
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Default Proxytools, An Open-Source Perl Proxy Suite - Splendidly_null

n open-source, perl based set of proxy tools, available here:




. A single 'AutoConfigure' button allows even a novice user to map his local firewall rules and create a configuration file which describes his network environment...LocalProxy will build a running configuration based on a database of usable hosts and proxies, applying several sources of information relevant to accessible hosts, services, firewall rules and firewalled subnets. LocalProxy runs this configuration and makes connections for the user, learning to use the fastest and most reliable of the censor-avoidance strategies and multiple proxy hosts/chains available. The application maintains (and displays) a 'useful data speed' for each level of the 'user'->'strategy'->'host'->'host'->website/service chain, to assist the user with configuration.


scans ports on the proxy if required, tests for CONNECT tunneling capability, censoring, anonymity, speed, Socks capability etc


This tool scans web pages, local files, bulletin boards, mailing lists etc. for likely looking proxy entries and tests them.

And a couple other useful progs. Requires a free Perl Interpretor such as activestate:

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nice tool
let me try it..
thx for share
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