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Cookies For The News

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Cookies For The News
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Default Cookies For The News

Don't you remember adults telling you not to take
cookies from strangers? There are procedures that let
you take that cookie straight to the garbage can without
offending the stranger!

I can't say whether these things (cookies) are good or
not. There are some situations where they can be used to
make a visit to a website more enjoyable and easier
because they can retain information concerning your
interests and where you came from to be able to get back
The problem with cookies is that they started
commercializing them. Banner companies, data-miners and
piles of others picked up on the uses of cookies for
tracking. When you come upon a site you know and
trust that they will use a cookie properly, you will
find it a pleasurable experience in navigation. Each
cookie has a time limit and a very specific set of
commands. over the last few years, many people have
began to put expiry dates that far exceed their

The first thing most people do is set their browser to
warn them before accepting a cookie. Most web sites will
pester you every few seconds till you either leave their
site or accept them. This is not acceptable to you or

A cookie is a small packet of data that your browser
places in a file called "cookies.txt" (If you are using
a browser like Netscape.)( windows/cookies/ if you use

Whenever your browser comes across a site which uses
cookies, it checks into the file for a previous copy and
informs them that you have been there before or not. A
new cookie is planted if the data has changed since your
last visit.

The server asks your browser if the cookie was accepted
and if it was, then it proceeds to give you the pages
and images you requested. If it wasn't accepted, then
they will bug you until you finally accept it or
go somewhere else.

What we are going to do is fool the browser and the
server into thinking that it has placed a cookie in your
text file. This will stop them from annoying you with
"accept cookies" messages. They will think that you took
it. Of course you didn't!

All you have to do to stop a cookie is to change your
"cookies.txt" file into a directory called
"cookies.txt". (Directories are not normally used for
storing text! They store files!) So, when you change the
directory to an extension like ".txt", your operating
system will ask you if you are sure you want to change

Tell it "yes"! There, you are finished. The cookie will
be deposited in what the browser thinks is a file called
"cookies.txt", but in reality it will be placed in a
directory , incapable of storing text. So, it will

If you are using Netscape;
Press the start button on your task bar.
"Find" a file called "cookies.txt"
Change the name of the file. (xxcook.txt or whatever)
Use your explorer to look into the directory called
Netscape on your hard drive.
Under the heading "users", you will find the file you
recently renamed. Go to the top of explorer and tell it
to make a new directory inside the users section called
It will double check you have the extension "txt"
correct. Tell it yes and you have just finished
eliminating cookies from bothering you again!
Make sure you go into your Netscape preferences and tell
it to accept all cookies! You can now safely delete the
new "file" you changed "cookies.txt" to. The browser
only needs something called "cookies.txt". It doesn't
know if it's a file or a directory!

For Opera browsers, Just make "cookies.dat" a directory
the same as above.

For MSIE - It won't let you modify it the same way. The
cookie file is in c:\windows\cookies\index.dat.
When you start in plain dos, you can kill the index.dat
and make a
Directory out of it. So it can't create the cookies.txt
For additional protection enter the line "del
c:\windows\cookies\*.txt "in the autoexec.bat. So every
time you reboot your computer, at least
once a day, all cookies get erased.

Another tip is to go into the cookie files attributes
and set it to "read only". Nothing can write to it!

These tips are fast and quick but you have no control.

Luckmans Anonymous Cookie

Another option and one I personaly recommend is Luckmans
Anonymous Cookie, having used it for more than 8 months
now, this has now become freeware. A review of the
product can be found at :
This software can be set up to give totally fictious
information and will automatically delete all cookie
information recieved by your browser,as cookie
information is kept in cache only not written to your
hard drive. I know it works with IE and Netscape, I do
not know if it supports Opera.
The W95/98/NT software can be downloaded at :
Anonymous Cookie is available for both Win95/98/NT AND
Using Acookie allows you to turn it off if you wish to
keep a legitimate cookie for future use which the option
above does not, however to turn LAC on/off you must have
your browser off, it can not be toggled when surfing.
If you decide to download and install this software
remember to do an antivirus check on the software, I can
not vouch that the software is clean but it does come
from a news server provider so would be suprised if it
is not, still better to be safe than sorry.
By installing the software neither it nor you will need
to modify any directories as described above, don't
forget however to delete cookie information detailed in
the files above after you have installed it. Keep only
the ones you trust or need. )
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that is very nice explnation m8 thank you
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Interesting concept. However...............

Some sites, such as this one, will place cookies that you need. Example, if you turn off cookies you will soon find yourself re-signing in on this board several times in a session as you will be "logged off" with no cookie present.

As for ie you could certainly just turn off or limit the cookies. tools>internet options>privacy>choose cookie setting you desire. and firefox: tools>options>privacy>set cookie preferences.

Mainly I just leave cookies in place and delete them at the end of a session. Firefox will even do this automaticly for you.
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