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Logripping/JTR fun ruiners

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Logripping/JTR fun ruiners
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Default Logripping/JTR fun ruiners

Damn, Like I said earlier I've been out of this game for a while, what is it with all the billing companies ruining the fun from log ripping and using JTR.

You used to be able to just download Verotelrum.log and get plain text number combos... now it looks to me like the password is encryped and never dumped to the log :-

2006-07-11 04:19:55 [29382] | request from IP, amount '19.95', trn 'rebill', trn_id '30090270', usercode '31658824'

They have even added IP checking to check the ADD comes from the verotel server, again once upon a time you could just ADD as long as you had $secret-key

Same thing has happened with CCBILL by the looks of it...

Gone from this :-



I managed to download a copy of the RUM package from Verotel but CCBill asks for VAT code so I can't interpret the log entry much, obviously ADD, 111, date stamp. IP I understand. Went to sign up and no option to pick user/pass so I presume nxehoH is a random gen'd username name, is the 46145163 just a transaction ID ?

Scratch that.. must be a diff type of script that site is running. Cos another one is in the classic format with a recent date (17/07/06) :-


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Logs are pretty much useless. Ccbill.log doesn't have the password anymore.
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Wow, you have been out of this for a while. :)
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Originally Posted by slysnake
Wow, you have been out of this for a while. :)
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