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How to rebuild your POT

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How to rebuild your POT
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Default How to rebuild your POT

Posted by MALU on previous forum

This Wonderful advice was passed onto me by a friend. Very useful advice if your .pot messes up or you get a Stack Dump Error.

All Credit goes to flowbee on this one ;)

Enjoy action-smiley-030.gif

how to re-build or merge your .pots for JTR

tools needed


i found this little trick helpful when rebuilding my own .pot after my last puter crash

first of all john.pots look like this


an exact reverse of a passfile ,we want this below


here we go guys hope it helps some of you

1.take a potrip of your existing .pot or the newly aquired .pot that you want to merge

2.open your .pot with raptor,choose list tools option on title bar,choose make 2 single lists
after raptor makes the 2 list close raptor,it will ask you to save as,save the usernames as pass1
and save the passwords as user1

3.open raptor and choose file operations,choose make combo.load user1 as your user column.load pass1
as your password column,click simple box and click make combo save as potbuild1

4.open JTR load potbuild1 as your passfile,load the potrip you took earlier( john.pot.statistics.txt)
as wordlist and let it run

john -w:john.pot.statistics.txt potbuild1.txt

enjoy everyone hope this helps some of you


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