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Question proxies

I have a few sites that I do NOT need to check with proxies... But the 4.0 version of x-factor will not check any sites unless I load a proxies list. Is there any way around this??
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So no one knows or cares???
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Well, i don't know why would you want to not use proxies. It is not important do you need proxy list as a matter of your ip beeing blocked, but as a matter of security. That is probably the reason why the author of X-Factor didn't include that option.
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Hm for example I would never use proxies, as I live in Russia and I would just shit on anyone who'd try to sue me for breaking laws, as noone would try to catch me for stealing 20$ hacked passwords. I also don't care about my IP being blocked as I have dynamic IP on my ADSL connection. What is actually interesting for me and what I'd like to ask you guys - do passwords die faster if I don't use a proxy? Because if they do I'll use proxies no problem. If no, I don't fucking care about these security issues =)
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