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AD Help with Weak Logins

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AD Help with Weak Logins
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Default AD Help with Weak Logins

May be a dumb question but my weak logins in AD don't work.

I assume this may have to do with my keyword list - or somehow I am supposed to be able to sort out "fake" keywords and input them in AD. However, I can't find a tutorial on how to do this.

Also, how exactly do I test a proxy against a site to see if that is the problem? (also may be a dumb question)

I go to this history section immediately and hit "test access again" or whatever and they all immediately come up as bad.
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Yes those probably are fakes u have to test the proxies against the site i recomend u Charon
go to Connect options and theres a field in the bottom of the window where u put the adress of the site and about the "fake" keys dunno exactly what u mean maybe u mean the "Failure & Success keys" i dont use AD anymore but i dont remeber that u can do this in AD about keys and fakes Sentry is the best
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