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need help or advice with <?php (file operations)

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need help or advice with <?php (file operations)
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Question need help or advice with <?php (file operations)

I just had to realise that I suck@php so much that I can't write (or convert) a simple php script so I'm here seeking help or advice

I need to create a simple script that browses the folder structure and dumps all the specified file types into output. The perl source would look like this:

while (<*/*/*.cgi */*/*.php */*/*.pl */*.cgi */*.php */*.pl *.cgi *.pl *.php>)
$filename= $_;
open (FILE, $filename);
while (<FILE>)
print $filename.":$line: $_\n" if (/$val/);
close FILE;

Is there someone out there who could please give me an advice or help me convert it to php (if it's possible)? Thanks alot in advance! :)


Edit: got it done myself, thanks anyway :)

But now got another problem.. can't get the file operation working on files outside the local www folder ;(

Fileexists check works fine but any other operation (like fread, fgets) returning zero data when I try it on files outside the "html" folder..

The site structure is like "/home/www/html/" and the passfile "/home/www/cgi-bin/inet/.htpasswd". I can read any file content within "/home/www/html/" but when I try to read anything outside "html" I get nothing (I know the directory structure and files on the server so I tried files outside the "cgi-bin" too but nothing..)

Anyone can give an advice on what am I doing wrong? Thanks :)

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