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Charon leeching proxies.. problem..

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Originally Posted by maxpayne
hey guyz... just tell me some latest judge sites ? the current stuff i have all them are saying' bad' ... and the ping is very high around 3000.. lowest is 750... damn.. is it ok to set that ping as the active proxy judge ?

and i need some URLs to be added in scan options.. thankx a lot for any help... i really need to work on this.. thankx..
Remember: Google is your best friend... Use a specific word that are in the title or in the body of the page you are looking for or a specific path in url... and them use the Google's 'h4x0r' keys, like intitle:, inurl:... also look for Google tips in the tutorial section or use Google and search for Google Hacking, etc...

Example: http://www.google.com/search?hl=pt-EN&q=inurl%3Acgi-bin%2Fazenv.pl&btnG=Pesquisa+Google&lr=

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thankx d1.. thankx mate,,,
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