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Can sentry2 crack form login site?

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form@ is the oldest of the programs mentioned. SSS even wanted it removed and doesn't offer it in a compiled version on his site. But it is certainly still a good program. Sentry2 is the most powerful in my opinion, But maybe not for less experienced. About speed... I don't know because I nevr take that into consideration.
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Ok, I'm new around here and deffinitely still a little new to Brute Forcing. Most of my cracking sessions before I post here only last for about 3-4.5 or sometimes five hours. Although I would get more hits if I was to use the Batch function on C-Force or the Autpilot on the older version of Sentry, I usually don't do this. Cracking and Bruteforcing are two things I enjoy very much when I have the time and I like the experience to be Hands-On. This is why I really like Sentry 2 is has good accuracy and a fast pace. For people who need results fast you either should have one hell of a combo or learn to configure Sentry and HTTP-Bugger. Understanding form settings and keywords/locations will also help out later if you decide to use other important web related tools.

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It can. You need to go to the menu Setting -> HTTP Header, there you can customize the http requests Sentry 2 will be sending.
To figure out what kind of HTTP request is expected by the webserver, it helps to have a look at the html source of the login form and / or enter some random data in the form, hit submit, and whatch how exactly the http request your browser sent looks with a network traffic sniffer such as ethereal.
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Sentry2's form engine is lacking some things tho. But its definatelly the fastest out there (same as sentry 2 is fastest for basic logins).

And form@ is still faster for me then c-force (bot for bot ofcourse) :P
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Originally Posted by JaNlOk

[...] form@ won't even let you crack 2.....and even if it did, anything else you want to do like surfing, would become terribly slow..
Yea, sometimes form@ crashs in my PC, forget to write it. But I still think, C-Force is the slowest BF tool.
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