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i have no idea what proxies are.

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i have no idea what proxies are.
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Default i have no idea what proxies are.

sorry i couldnt find a faq section about proxies

recently cowtails a sitecracker here gave me a l/p
and he told me to use a proxy ip:port (that he gave)

im just not sure how to use it.. thanks for reading
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Proxy IP is an TCP/IP address used to surf internet anonymously. if you have the good level :P

what do you want to use it for if you just want 2 surf anonymously just go to:
Extra > Options > General > Connection Settings > Manual Proxy Configuration

almost the same
Extra > Internet Options > Connection tab > Lan-Settings > Check the box with use proxy lan settings > then do the IP you got and under port use the port he gave :)

If else just Shout :) :P
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Basically, a proxy server is a computer running proxy server software that's sitting between your computer and the "target" computer you want to, ehrm, interact with (for example, ask it to send you a website). When you send your request, it goes straight to the proxy server, and the proxy server sends it to the target, then the target send it's response to the proxy, and the proxy sends it back to you.

Request chain:
you --------> Proxy --------> Target
Response chain:
Target --------> Proxy --------> you

Proxy servers can be used to cache popular responses, that means, the proxys can save the responses of the most frequent requests they have to forward to the target, and send those responses directly to answer a request from you without forwarding your request to the target, thus reducing the number of requests the target has to fulfill.

Some proxys give you anonymity, that means the target doesn't even know there is you behind the proxy, it looks as if the proxy has sent the request to them on it's own. That allows you to "interact" with the target pretty much anonymously. Not all proxys provide this service, however.

In order to use a proxy server, you need to know it's IP address and port number. The IP address is used to identify the computer, the hardware, while the port number identifies the proxy server software running on that hardware.

Some further information:

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