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IP recorded sites?

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Aye, splendidly_null
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Exclamation Aye, splendidly_null

Originally Posted by splendidly_null
Yes, cracked XXX passes are largely safe, although if you see the same warning on a credit card processor or other site, it IS a different situation.
Aye. I forgot to mention to make sure you use level 1 or 2 proxies if at all possible. As long as you are just brute-forcing and not exploiting, trying to gain root, or other malicious activities you can use level 3 proxies but I would stay away from 4 or 5, as they spill your true IP. And as quoted by S_N above, if you see the same warning from a credit card processor on different sites that they also process, your true IP is most likely on a watch list at the CCard processor level, so do be careful and always use lvl 1 or 2 proxies if you can. They can and will prosecute in rare cases, keep that in mind but it is rare.

On another note, "carding" will get you thrown in jail faster than you can say bubba's new bitch, so don't do it. Cracking is considered a nuisance at best, but carding is a felony and carries more than one felony charge. I was a cop for 5 years and went to law school for about a year before I changed careers so I know this not from experience per se, but from case law.
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Originally Posted by abbazabba
I have been ripping sites without paying for them for over 10 yrs.

OMG you're kidding
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Originally Posted by grzesiek
OMG you're kidding

No, I am not kidding. Abbazabba is not my usual name. _htaccess was my original name on IRC, on DAL before it got f'd-up. I was SOP or AOP on 6 channels. I was a ^beta^ op, and it was so long ago that I don't remember many names but Agripargo, XJ, SeanUK (who wrote the original FAQ on cracking and IP spoofing), and many others I dont recall offhand after so long... I wrote many mIRC scripts still in use today though my name is not on them because I didn't care about having my name known. They have also been altered so much by now that I cannot claim to have written them in their present form any longer.

As I have said in another post, I went to law school for a year or so and was a cop for 5 yrs so did not want my real identity known. _htaccess sufficed, and I protected myself by going through multiple 'bounces' through level 1 proxies whenever online. I do however enjoy the female body in all it's beauty and so I crack.

It's a hobby, nothing more. Cracking is not illegal in a specific sense as it applies to 'improving security' by showing that it can be penetrated, therefore helping those who run sites and want better protection for their content. That has been argued in case law and has won more often than lost.

So.... No bullshit. Not kidding. 10 yrs+. I am not 'uber' as I have not been involved in the scene for the most part for better than 4 yrs. and much has changed, but I am still good at it. (IMO at least) Some others whom I won't name feel differently apparently, for whatever unjustified reason that has yet to be explained to me.

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spoken about legal stuff, when I get proxies, I always check with accessdiver the following:
"Find and remove FBI & US army proxies from the list"

and he often deletes some! ...are those than realy dangerous?

about IP recorded:
The first Bruteforce tool I used was Brutus AE2, which doesnt work with proxies (which made the amount of site accessable small), I've run 100thousands of combos through it, never had any problems (with the law).

I must say, I live in Europe, dont know about USA, I heard once that hacking a USA XXX site from outside the US, doesnt pose a thread, they cant put anything on you

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I was actually gonna ask a similar question. obviously I can understand the need for lots of proxies while bombing a site with a big wordlist, but using proxies while actually browsing the site seem a bit farfetched, hopefully.
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If they really care about cracking, they change their security. And It's more expensive prosecute a dude who is using a pass than changing security.

So use your anon proxies only in bruteforce, you don't need to use them for browse the site (as long the site does not ban multiples IPs too fast)

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