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XFactor pass verification BROKE!

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XFactor pass verification BROKE!
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Default XFactor pass verification BROKE!

Xfactor used to work just fine for verifying old passes, but recently i went through
a couple of lists and the results were straight up sad. Im not talking only fakes Xfactors saying #200 on 401's and the odds are sad 90% of the dead passes are coming back good as far as xfactor knows. I know sites have ways to give fake replies, but i doubt that is the case because its not just one here or there its all. Also if Xfactor is designed to verify working passes then that means it should be able to determine working from non working passes. I know these sites arent ahead of the game with all their fake tactics, but Xfactor is a great program and im sure that when this problem becomes known to the coder then when might find out why xfactors lying to us!
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Coder is a bit busy with real life. He pops in occasionally so he might update the proggy :P In mean time, you have some other tools also to check with :)
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Sorry that I cannot help... I need to get acquinted with XFactor! I only used Accessdiver in the past.
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