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Tipi v1.0.5
Tipi is simple program dedicated for those who want to store confidential information in a safe place. Tipi can hide text information in graphic files. That files are commonly used to store pictures on personal computers, or are sent by e-mail. You can use Tipi to store you passwords, or any confidential data in innocent looking file, and you will have access to it any time you want.




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I am wondering if anyone has experimented with this along the lines of using music to store sensitive data. For example, once data is secured within an Mp3, will the music still be playable? The reason I ask is I am located in a country that has recently updated their cryber-crime laws to an even more draconian state of being... (Philippines) and the gist of it is that the updated laws effectively squash any possible hope for privacy online. The new laws allow the government to snoop on internet users within the country without warrant or probable cause. What I am hoping is to come up with a solution for transferring large video files via FTP in a cloaked manner so that when the government does snatch a copy... all they will get is my 3 hour Diesalboy set from London... listening to 10 minutes of that should drive the conservative 19th century zealots into submission. So will it play?

Thank you OP and all additional contributors for their software alternatives!
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