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The tools contained in this section are here for system administrators and security professionals.
Undernet #XxXCrackers will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur as a result of the use or misuse of these materials.


*** All the listed software is just for educational purposes ***

AATools v5.80 : Advanced Administrative Tools v5.80
AccessDiver 4.120 : Stable Version of this excellent allround Utility...
AccessDiver Tutorial : Speaks for itself...
Brutus AET2 : Bruteforce style program...
C-Force : Powerfull bruteforce utility that is very easy to use. Requires almost no knowledge. Excelent for newbies.
C-Parse : Log Parser...
Charon v0.6 : Best custom coded proxy checker and more...
CMX Exploiter IV : Handy and easy to use exploit scanner...
Coy : A little utility to extract undecrypted hashes out of a passfile.
Form@ Final : Best Form Bruteforce Tool...
Gaa Moa's Proxychecker : Utility for collecting and verifing proxies...
HAS v2.5.1 by Wolfman : Classic HTTP Debugger. Great tool for exploiters!
£HAS_Command :)
John the Ripper v1.7.1 : Decryption tool. The one and only JTR. If you have to ask you don't need!
Once is Enough : Best deduper out there and very fast!
Password Generator : For generating secure passwords...
Proxy Checker 7.0 : Proxy Analyser Tool with lots of features.
Raptor 3 : The ultimate wordlist utility... A must for any newbie or seasoned pro..
Scholar v2.0 : From the author of Sentry comes one of the better history checkers ever.
Sentry v1.4 : Older brother of Sentry 2.0, but not less powerfull. Equiped with Autopilot!
Sentry v2.0 : Best bruteforcer tool out there currently. Powerfully, but requires knowledge to be used.
Stupidripper : Excellent tool for ripping in "column" mode. Just choose which columns you want and rip!
Triton v0.3 : From the coder of Charon comes one of the best website scanning utilities out there. Fully customisable!
Triton v2.1 : From the coder of Charon comes one of the best website scanning utilities out there. Fully customisable!
Wordlist : Excellent newbie wordlist!!!
XFactor Tutorial : Our own superb BruteForce util XFactor , broken down in a step by step easy to follow tutorial!!!
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